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as spring. Maybe I can't be as g Antworten

halt, and several soldiers emerged from the lotus leaves. Among these soldiers were several women's husbands. However, they did not Laughing, the women got on the boat again, and gently patted the water and left the lotus pond The rest of the lotus flowers saw a wide paddy field over the lotus pond, and the women in the lake were bending over quickly and transplanting rice. I saw my grandma and me in the paddy field next to me. My grandmother's seedlings were almost at the end, and only a few rows of my rows were planted. Their seedlings are lined up horizontally and vertically, stretched gently by the wind, like a beautiful landscape. The seedlings I planted were horizontal and vertical, crooked, like a pile of mess. Looking at them, there are several rice dumplings on the waist. One hand presses the bottom of the dumplings and the other hand takes a small handful of seedlings. The arms are extended into the field, one by one, one by one. Hundreds of times, the waist has been bent. I tried to transplant rice in this way, but after a while I fell completely tired, and my waist was sore and painful, and I quickly stood up and stretched a lazy waist. In a few days, Tianquan here was decorated with their living colors, a piece of green. After a few months, the seedlings had grown up, a golden color, the wind was blowing the heat waves layer by layer, the women's back disappeared into the field again, only the sound of the scythe brushing was heard, and the lotus was floating to the rice. In my nose. The scenery in front of me gradually faded away, leaving a beautiful lotus pond. I suddenly sat upright and felt a feeling that I had never had before Parliament Cigarettes. I always thought of the revolution, the existence of the country is far away from us, that is the last section of the corridor of history, and we walk on the sun-filled veranda Marlboro Red. That is history that has gone down for decades. Just like a yellow textbook, if it is not turned up, it will be forgotten by teenagers in the corner of history. I originally thought that patriotism and dying for the country was a man-specific behavior, but I never understood that women can be astonishing. Oh, no, it ��s not earth-shattering, it ��s ordinary life. It is a duty to provide capital for communism and to create opportunities for them. Spirit is great and ordinary. Ninety years of ups and downs, we struggled through and walked with vigor, and the horrible rains and hardships of the way blocked our ancestors, leaving a land of Chinese enthusiasm like blood and innocence like lotus . How beautiful our life is, she is as gorgeous as spring. Maybe I can't be as great as them, but the spirit of the ancestors has long been integrated into my blood, and I will contribute all my strength to the country. When I heard the sound of books in the mountainous elementary school, I saw the deserted land turned into fields, and there were no more unkempt aliens on the street, how proud I was, how loudly I said, "I have a strong motherland and I look back Lotus pond, the morning sun shines on the lotus, my face, a different kind of warmth hits my heart. My great mother, you are more like a lotus in this pool, and I will always be like a dew, Accompany you through every lonely night. Eventually, it will turn into raindrops and be thrown into your eternal fragrance.
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