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26.12.2019 09:59
and stubbornly meet the challenge with a c Antworten

zAfter reading the warm suspense book "The Seven Days" written by Malaysia's famous children's literature writer Xu Youbin, I felt deeply. It was an ordinary rainy day, and an unusual accident happened: the kind-hearted Baihe, the brave Jianyun, the fragile Xiaoling and the selfish Junshun school bus suddenly fell into the hole. Together with the driver, Uncle Ou, they entered an unexpected world and began a thrilling adventure. Faced with a complex environment, they must first find food, survive, and then find an outlet. Together, they tried their best to solve one problem after another. There were also gains in the adventure. They discovered the beautiful crystal garden, ate the total finfish that was considered to be extinct 300 million years ago, and saw a lotus flower as large as an iron pot, a large dragonfly half a meter long and beautiful Crystal Garden Newport Cigarettes Coupons, found Junshun's grandmother. In order to take care of the sick Junshun, the kind Bai He took the initiative to stay and waited for rescue. Seven days later, Xiaoling, Junshun, Jianyun and driver Ou Shu were rescued one after another, and Bai He was taken captive in the forest. In seven days, Xiaoling and Junshun were born and reborn; in seven days, Bai He and Jian Yun released their suspects. In the process of facing difficulties together Wholesale Cigarettes, the four teenagers helped each other, passed through various dangers, and solved various mysteries. This is a thrilling story. A moving story. Bai He thought for others kindly. Her heart is as beautiful as a pure and immaculate white lotus flower, and she is the most charming smile for everyone Newport Cigarettes. The delicate Xiaoling knows that there is something to share with others and will not swallow it alone; the brave Jianyun will look for the unknown danger when her friends are gone; Junshun is a selfish person, but cares very much for her family; Uncle Ou is a Good and bad people, although greedy for life and fear of death, also know to protect children. It let me know that it will not grow into a tree without going through wind and rain; it will not become steel without being refined. The road is bumpy, but as long as you bravely and stubbornly meet the challenge with a confident heart, you are the winner! When you are struggling, you must have the courage and firm conviction to let go. Facing difficulties, this is growth! It taught me that the most important thing between friends is friendship! Without friendship, the relationship between friends will no longer exist; without friendship, the friend who was originally friendly will become without significance. It made me understand that there are no absolute good and bad people, just like our life, there is no certain black and white. Where there is light, there is bound to be shadows; behind the shadows, there is light entering the mysterious forest, following them, and walking into that winding road home, so that I have harvested the ability to survive, pure Friendship, team spirit.
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