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23.12.2019 09:01
really will. Helen Keller used he Antworten

what is the meaning of life? What is the ultimate purpose of our lives? These problems have plagued many people. However, no matter how we answer it, there is a question we must choose, and if we are alive, we have to do something for this world within our ability. After reading "If You Give Me Three Days of Brightness", I have strengthened my conviction Helen Keller, a woman who lives in the dark and brings light to human beings. Weak woman after 87 years of silence and silence. However, such a person who was claustrophobic in the blind, deaf and dumb world graduated from Harvard University and was awarded the Presidential Medal. In the nineteenth century, there were two strange people, one was Napoleon. One is Helen. What a surprise a blind man can achieve so much! If Helen succumbs to her unfortunate fate, she will become a poor and ignorant parasite. However, she did not bow to her destiny Cheap Cigarettes. With amazing perseverance and tenacious spirit, she made herself like a beautiful butterfly, breaking through the cocoons, and giving life a meaning that ordinary people could not reach. Suffering is a stepping stone to genius, a wealth to capable people, and an abyss to the weak. Helen is in the dark abyss. If she is an ordinary person, she may live in the darkness of her life forever. However, her personality contains a seed of hard work. This seed breaks through the dark resistance and breaks the cocoon with amazing perseverance. Out, let her life bloom from this flower, colorful clouds sky. To be able to endure the hardships that ordinary people cannot, and to do things that ordinary people cannot do, can they be more successful than ordinary people. Make good use of your eyes, as if tomorrow you will suffer from blindness. Listen to your wonderful sounds today, the singing of birds, and the sounds of nature of musical instruments, as if tomorrow you will suffer from deafness. Touch every item you want to touch, as if your touch will fade tomorrow. Smell the aroma of all flowers and taste every bite, as if you can't taste it again tomorrow Online Cigarettes. Just like Hemingway's roar in "The Old Man and the Sea": a person can be destroyed, but must not be defeated! It's like Bei Beilong's call in "Moline's Glasses": Believe that you have the ability, then you really will. Helen Keller used her strength and persistence to overcome her own shortcomings and set foot on the other side of success. This is the meaning of life. Concealed my thoughts, I deeply realized that whether a person can do something for society is not because your limbs are sound or not Marlboro Lights, whether the conditions that life gives you are superior, but whether there is a spirit of struggle and whether you realize the meaning of life.

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