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I closed the book gently Cigarettes For Sale, and the sound and shadow of Helen Keller kept coming to mind. I just finished reading the book "If You Give Me Three Days of Brightness", my mood is really ups and downs, I am ecstatic for a while, I am very excited for a while, I am very sad for a long time, and I ca n��t restore it for a long time When she was 19 months old, her eyesight became blind and her ears became deaf because of a sudden illness Newport 100S. Since then, she has been "isolated" from the world. This made Helen's childhood full of bitterness. She was so miserable, but she was strong. Because she can't see or hear, it's hard to tell people what she wants and what she wants to say. The arrival of Mrs. Sullivan became a turning point in Helen's life. Teacher Sullivan taught Helen to write, read, and do arithmetic, and took her to visit celebrities to let Helen learn to speak Through his own efforts, Helen went to Cambridge Women's Middle School and then Decliff College. She also gave lectures in various regions with Teacher Sullivan, and the fundraising activities initiated by her also received strong support from many people. Finally, I hope to give her three days of light. In this book, I like this passage the most: "Blind I can give advice to those who can make full use of talented vision: Use your eyes, as if tomorrow You will suffer the disaster of blindness. Listen to the wonderful sounds of the music, the singing of the birds, the orchestra's majestic and powerful tunes, as if tomorrow you will be deafly doomed. Touch the second item you want to touch , As if your sense of touch will fade tomorrow. Smell the aroma of all flowers, taste every bite, as if you can no longer smell and taste. Make full use of each sense, through the several means of contact given to you by nature, for the world Proud of all the delightful and beautiful details shown to you! "Why am I saying this? Because this passage expresses Helen's hope that people with sound limbs can make the most of their talents, how happy they should be to have light, and tell people to cherish this happiness, all I like. After reading this book, I thought: Helen Keller is really strong! Helen showed people a love and desire for life. Although she was blind in both eyes, her heart was full of light. Helen is not afraid of difficulties, has the courage to face difficulties, and a strong spirit is worth our learning. For Teacher Sally Wen, I would like to praise her with an ancient poem, that is, "Spring silkworm reaches the end of the dead silk, and the wax torch turns into tears." Teacher Sally Wen devoted all her love to Helen. Great achievement. I really admire Teacher Sally Wen, and I want to say to her: "You worked so hard for" If You Give Me Three Days of Light ", I have learned a lot of truth, and I have a lot of spirit to learn. Let me be the chief, so I want to introduce this book to everyone. Friends, if you have the opportunity to read it, you will gain something
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