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25.11.2019 07:38
I tasted the taste of a Antworten

I tasted the taste of autumn and went to the summer, so in the rain, autumn came, and autumn brought a shower of dark clouds. I have to admit that autumn is a rainy season. When it comes, the sun is overwhelmed by the sunny hegemony. Autumn rain, this changeable rain. In the morning, I was still thundering Cigarettes Online, and the downpour was heavy, and people could not come out. Noon at noon, in the afternoon, people came out of the city, and the rain came again. Come and go in a hurry, it seems to be teasing people watching the rain outside the window, watching the drizzle, listening to the sound of the train, and gradually remembered the 11th holiday, this good time to travel is hard to be born by this autumn rain It is the most unsuitable time to travel. Flashing, smashing down from the sky, hit a flashlight for this gloomy weather, not a few seconds, and closed. The rain came down from the sky and looked at the rain outside the window. I was so depressed that I had to cancel the morning trip. At noon, the big basin was dry, and the rain stopped. This is not good. People went out in twos and threes, and I went out. Going to the studio, there are not many people in a day. This rain is really amazing, people are scared away, forget it, people are more relaxed in the studio for two hours, I decided to go home, went to the stairs and looked at the outside of the drizzle this heart suddenly understood! This autumn, after picking up half a basin of water, I wanted to catch the human beings and went down again. But they all have ponchos. The problem is not including me. I thought about it, my heart was flat, forget it, it was so rainy. Riding the car against the cold wind, I finally understood what is the rain and the power is strong Marlboro Red, this rain does not look small, it hurts to face. When I got to the house, I didn��t get wet, it was good. Look again, the painting is wet, and I want to cry without tears. This rain can't be underestimated. Autumn rain, there are many kinds, and my favorite is the rain, gentle and gentle, although it does not have the heavy rain and hegemony but has the gentleness of Xiaojiabiyu. Looking at the rain outside the window, thinking about what is in my heart is not a beauty Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Autumn is a season of change, sometimes a season of harvest, the hard work of farmers. Sometimes it's a gentle season. The taste of people going out in the autumn is moist, sweet, and bitter. It's a season of ��family-friendly passengers watching their children.�� The train is about to open, and the rain stops. Is this being practiced for them
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