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10.01.2020 07:52
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The wind sends flowers to the ground, and the rainy spring trees are green. "We live in a beautiful world, because there are smoke-painting boats in spring and summer, and clouds in autumn and winter Carton Of Cigarettes. Everyone is driving through the window in Baiyun today, enjoying the sweetness and sweetness of life. Zhou Guoping said, people Poetically inhabits the earth. When the gorgeous leaves are exhausted, the veins of life can be seen. Or bitterness, or sweet, or grace, or simple, because this is my life, I should enjoy, Go to love this poetic life. Those who know life can read every kind of triviality in life. Li Yu, a writer in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, dug holes in huge paintings of flowers and birds on the wall and put one inside Real bird. In this way, observe the painting of flowers and birds. The bird is alive and interesting. When he cooks, he sprinkles the rose or osmanthus flower on the freshly cooked rice to make the rice fragrant. I can't help but think of another one who has lived a life Poetry woman, Yun Niang in "The Six Chapters of a Floating Life" makes a dull life as beautiful as flowers blooming Marlboro Red, and uses her hands and wisdom to take care of the poetic firework life. Those who know life can calmly face the plight of life. .Ukiyo Qinghuan, fine water grows , Carved path, obsessed with loneliness Newport Cigarettes. Peking opera enthusiast Jin Yuelin has many famous records in his house. During the "Cultural Revolution", the Red Guard broke the "four olds" and copied his record player. Fortunately, the record was still there. He often took the record. Come out and play, and listen to the "silent record" in your heart. "But in the knowledge of the piano, He Lao chord is up", Tao Yuanming loves to listen to the violin, Jin Yuelin has obtained the true biography of his "Wei Jin style". When the burden of life has been Unbearable, the poetry of suffering is like the spring breeze blowing over the frozen river, letting people hear the sound of flowing water again. Those who know how to live have the power to pursue their dreams. The green wind of a river, the silence of mountains and rivers, Liu Yong is deep in the city, Citizens sang "Whether riches are owned by others, and they will be rewarded with high ambition." The frustration of the high hall and the depression of the blue building of the song hall could not stop Liu Yong from singing the simple life poetic painting at the end of the streets and alleys, and stopped in the joy of the people People are born as ants and beautiful as gods. In the face of the vast universe, our lives can be described as dust, but our spirit pervades space and is proud of the sky; our dream is May Day consistent, all-powerful; although, we do not have the divine Creator, but we do not lack passion as he kind of poetic creation to develop their own lives and therefore, to a poetically.

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