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Italian jewellery Antworten

Italian jewellery merchant Merleki came to London for a gem auction, and he saw an old man dressed next to him next to a watch with a dozen gems. Melek asked: "Your gemstone watch is very valuable. The old man answered with a smile:" Where, it's just an ordinary watch. When Melek heard of this, he eloquently showed off how many precious stones he had, and ignored the cold eyes of others, and talked about the method of identifying fake gems. At the end of the auction, Melek took a picture of 50,000 pounds. A peacock sapphire. When Melekie got the gem, the old man walked in front of him and said, "You just showed off that you are an expert in identifying gems. I did n��t remind you that I did n��t want you but you bought this gem At least It cost �� 20,000 more. Only then did Melekie know that the old man in front of him was the jewellery tycoon Graf, who has a �� 20 billion mark and the world's richest man in the world's jewelry industry. Real connoisseurs do not like to show off. Touting endlessly, because they all understand a simple but profound truth: they already have it, so why show off. Tolstoy once said: "If you find that someone is showing off, others will not bother to communicate with him. "It's like a peacock opening its screen, it's not a natural display, but it is deliberately showing off. As a result, showing off becomes a barrier to the peacock's ascension. Similarly, if a person deliberately shows off himself like a peacock opens his screen, then showing off becomes him. Obstacles in life. If life is ten, I am eager to spend it: three points is an unreachable reality, three points is an indisputable reality among other populations, three points is his own fearless pursuit, and the remaining one point is It is left for occasional uneasiness or neglect. If the money is ten, I am eager to spend: three points to bless those who have profoundly affected me, three points to thank those who treat me as a treasure, and three points to reward myself for years Habits, habits, and hobbies, the rest is left to extravagance, indignation, or forgetting theft. If your career is ten, I long to understand this: Three points are the marks of youth, and three points are the experience of youth. In the projection, three points are the gifts that were saved in middle age, and the remaining one point is for the observation and realization of the individual life in later years Marlboro Lights. If love is ten, I long to collect it like this: Three points are Waiting through the autumn water Marlboro Gold, the three points are misunderstandings, the three points are the cherished heart, and the remaining one is the occasional heart. If the family is ten, I long to cherish it: three points is the tolerance of the parents, three points is the lover Shu Hui, the three points are the children's excitement, and the remaining one is the secret and undeclared sweetness in her heart.
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